Featuring Our Seminarians Brother Allan Induswe

admindominican News March 22, 2021

Brother Allan Induswe of Nairobi, Kenya who entered our Dominican Missionaries community in the spring of 2018 went back to his home college in Nairobi, Kenya in August of 2019 after completing his year-long novitiate program with us in Connecticut.

He resumed his MA studies in Peace Studies and International Relations at Hekima College he started in the fall of 2017 but suspended his studies in order to travel to USA to complete his novitiate program with us.

Since then, he has completed most of his required studies and class attendances at Hekima College and begun his Thesis for the Master of Arts degree. He is currently living with his family in Nairobi while attending nearby Hekima College and will return to USA to continue with his formation program with the Dominican Missionaries in December 2020.

Brother Allan has completed all of his Philosophy and Theology studies as a seminarian in Kenya before coming to the Dominican Missionaries in 2018 to begin his novitiate program.

He is qualified and eligible for ordination and Deaf Ministry anytime soon after his arrival in USA.

The Mark Seven DePaul House of Studies, Inc. fully funded his academic year at Hekima College in Nairobi. He is very grateful to our benefactors for the
educational support for his unfinished college degree.

Brother Allan Induswe with his mother, Esther; father Jeremiah and sister Eusebiah with her children Lindsay and Alice at their home in Nairobi, Kenya.

He comes from a devout Catholic and close-knit family in Kenya. Before joining the Dominican Missionaries, he spent many years as a Camillian
seminarian in Kenya.

He hopes to become a future priest for the Deaf Apostolate as he has developed good sign language skills to communicate with Deaf people. He spent one year teaching CCD in sign language to Deaf students at American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, Ct. while as a novice.

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