admindominican News November 29, 2016

After a weekend of buying gifts for ourselves and others. Perhaps it is time to give one gift to an organization in need.

There are organizations around the world doing wonderful work. Many of these organizations rely on donations to do the work they want to do.

The Dominican Missionaries for the Apostolates of the Deaf and Disabled are one of these organizations. We are working very hard to become Priests and Brothers to bring God’s Word to people who are Deaf and those who live with other disabilities. Often, Deaf people are forgotten or ignored in the Church. Frequently, those who live with disabilities struggle to simply enter the Church. It is our mission to provide full accessibility to the Catholic Church for all people regardless of the linguistic or physical obstacles they face.

We need your support to pay for the education of the brothers who are entering our community. Not only are they in need of their seminary education, they also need to attend classes to learn sign language. (For Additional Information see our Donation Page)

In return, we will pray for you and for your needs every day during our morning Mass and evening prayers.

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