Brother Jeffrey Loma of Philippines

Pre-novice candidate

Oswald Muvunyi of Burundi

Pre-novice candidate

Oswald, Muvuyny, a 40 year old deaf leader of the Catholic Parish for the Deaf in Bujumbura, Burundi wants to become an ordained Catholic missionary priest for the Deaf Apostolate. His applications for admission to a Catholic seminary and religious communities were rejected due to his hearing disability. Dominican Missionaries is sponsoring him full time at Holy Apostles Seminary in pre-theology program as he has already acquired BS degree from University of Burundi.

    Edward John Bick

    Pre-novice applicant

    Former religious brother working in a parish and hospital emergency room as pastoral counselor Comes from Utica, New York and now is serving as a parish coordinator for a priestless parish in Old Forge, New York. Also works as an organist in churches. Interested in joining our community as a lay brother.

      Deacon Benedict Harrison Chapweteka

      Pre-novice candidate

      Deacon Harrison Benedict Chapweteka is a Roman Catholic from Malawi. He has completed his formation program in at Salestian Institute of Theology in Morogoro,Tanzania and is currently serving as an ordained deacon at Mary Help of Christian parish the Diocese of Dedza in Malawi as he awaits approval by his local ordinary for priestly ordination after the resolution of Covid-19 epidemic. He is under the sponsorship and care of Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dedza, Monsignor Chithonje. Having realized the deaf and hard of hearing are not well taken care of at his local church level due to lack of proper training on deaf ministry, he decided to apply for admission to our community. Dominican Missionaries fully sponsored him for 5 years as pre-novice candidate. Father Coughlin spent two weeks visiting with Benedict in Morogoro and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in 2018. Benedict feels called to serve the Lord as a Dominican Missionary for the deaf apostolate and he is attracted to the religious and communal way of life and service to the deaf and hard of hearing. He is interested in working in the Archdiocese of Atlanta as a religious priest.